Speed Ropes

Changing the length of a jump rope.If you have a speed-style jump rope and your jump rope is a little too long for you, you can quickly and easily shorten your jump rope without damaging the rope while maintaining the same rope performance.

The way to do this is to make a simple loop under a handle of the jump rope. In the photo, the rope on the left shows a normal rope and the rope on the right demonstrates a shortened jump rope.

The loop that was used to shorten the rope is pulled to resistance.

Red tape was added to the rope to demonstrate how many inches of length can be removed from the overall length of the jump rope. In this case, 4.5 inches have been removed from the length of the jump rope with one simple loop. A second loop under the other handle would shorten the rope up to 9 inches in total length.

Beaded Ropes

If you have a beaded rope and wish to adjust its length, simply undo the knot in one handle, remove a few beads from the rope, restring the handle and any clips in the proper sequence, and re-tie the knot.

Figure Eight Knot

The image above shows the steps to re-create the knot in your beaded ropes. This knot can be pulled tight and will not come undone unless you choose to pull it apart and re-tie it.

You can cut excess string from a beaded rope if necessary. You may wish to tape and/or singe the end of the cut string with a match or lighter so that the string does not begin to unravel.

If using a flame to burn the end of the cut string please becareful not to burn yourself or set anything on fire. This activity should only be performed in a well ventilated area and care should be taken not to inhale any fumes from the burnt cord.

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