CATEGORY :: Single Ropes

Regular Licorice

High quality, smooth-turning ropes recommended for general purpose jump rope activities. Made of solid phthalate free vinyl cord with free-spinning, easy grip low-density shatter-proof polyethylene handles.

Fitness and Training

Using the same quality solid phthalate free vinyl cord, this variation of our standard speed rope features a larger handle design and thicker cord for a more challenging workout. Handles are made of shatter-proof, low-density polyethylene.


The long handle speed ropes feature a handle that offers an easy hold grip and smooth turning - ideal to help jumpers perform tricks. The light-weight cord is the same durable quality used in our standard speed ropes. Handles are made of high density, shatter-proof polyethylene.

Regular Beaded

Low density, shatter-proof polyethylene handles are molded to fit hands comfortably while unbreakable low-density polyethylene beads make these ropes the most durable ropes for indoor and outdoor use in all conditions. LiteBead ropes are available for custom orders only.


Looking for a cardio challenge? This is the jump rope! Low-density, shatter-proof polyethylene 5" handles with unbreakable double gauge beads cover the high-strength braided cord that easily withstands heavy punishment against any surface.


High-performance speed ropes designed for competition and training. Different styles of shatterproof handles(low-density polyethylene or solid aluminum) are paired various ball bearing styles to create an ultra-smooth and fast jump rope experience.

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