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New - choose your own handle and cord color to create a customized licorice rope. Same solid phthalate free vinyl cord with free-spinning, easy grip low-density shatter-proof polyethylene handles as our regular licorice ropes and includes an adjustment clip.

Regular Beaded

Standard beaded ropes with shatterproof beads and handles will last for years! Available in both regular and half cut lengths in quantities as small as a 1/2 dozen in color combinations of your choice - choose two or three bead colors.


These lighter weight beaded ropes - ideal for those who spend many hours practising and competing - are available in both 2" and 1" lengths. Choose two or three bead colors for a minimum order of six or visit the Make Your Own section for individual orders.


Choose the length of rope and bead colors to make your own beaded rope at home, school, camp or for a birthday party. Includes two shatter proof handles, length of virgin polyester cord, the appropriate number of shatterproof beads and instructions.

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